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in here find all forms of entertainment from books to read, movies, dining, clubs etc. anything you find thats worth checking out share with us. especially anything related to the transgender community.



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List of movies with transgender themes or actors. Doesn't include cross-dressing movies such as Tootsie or Mrs. Doubtfire as those movies, wonderful as they are, tend not to deal with transgender issues. Listed starting with the most recent. Please email additions and corrections.

Becoming Chaz (2011) Documentary of the FTM transition of the child of Sunny and Cher, Chastity, becoming Chaz. Very honest. I felt I was there.
Tomboy (2011) I can't tell if the title role is about a tomboy, t-boy, a boi or dyke. This French movie shows some of the earliest difficulties in the life of someone otherly gendered. It is also nice to see more TG movies showing that end of the spectrum.

It's a Boy Girl Thing (2006) Typical unwitting body-swap comedy but who doesn't love a good forced feminization story now and then?
Soap, En (2006) Trans slice-of-life movie. Touching love between a transsexual woman and a genetic woman both floundering and helping each other.

20 Centimeters Spanish movie about a narcoleptic transwoman trying to navigate difficult relationship issues while attempting to save enough for her bottom surgery.
Transamerica (2005) Feliclity Huffman gives an Oscar-worthy performance of a transwoman reconciling her past on the eve of her final surgery. She was nominated for best actress but the award went to Reese Witherspoon for her work in Walk the Line. I can hardly see how one could compare the two works but then I am very biased. Maybe not enough of the judges bothered to see the movie.

Wild Side (2004) Transsexual actor Stéphanie Michelini gives an extremely intimate portrayal of some of the joys and difficulties of being transgendered.

Beautiful Boxer (2003) True story of the public transition of a Thai boxer.
Normal (2003) Reasonably realistic story of a man transitioning within marriage.
Soldier's Girl (2003) Warning, the story is tragic and the movie contains some graphic violence, but it is also a true story and the movie is well done.

Badge, The (2002) Mysterious death of a transsexual woman. Somewhat educational look at what it means to be transgendered in America.
Cockettes, The (2002) Good documentary on a early San Francisco drag phenomenon.
Venus Boyz (2002) A fascinating glimpse into the worlds of drag kings and female-to-male transsexuals.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch (2001) By far my favorite TG movie
Princesa (2001) Extremely realistic look at the life of a typical transsexual sex worker. Respectfully shows that being non-op is an acceptable choice.
Southern Comfort (2001) Excellent documentary on transsexual lives and relationships featuring a beautiful relationship between an MTF and a FTM.

Wonder Boys (2000) Contains a transgender minor character as the girlfriend of the character played by Robert Downey Jr.  Notable in that her TG status doesn't become an issue or a joke.

Better Than Chocolate (1999) Nice, little story with a transgender character who's just another character.
Boys Don't Cry (1999) Very big and excellent biography of FTM transgender Brandon Teena.
Flawless (1999) Realistic story underscores the common humanity of a drag queen as discovered by a redneck character played by Robert DeNiro.
All About My Mother (Todo sobre mi madre) (1999) Just a fun movie involving a family member who has transitioned.

Ma vie en rose (1997) A touching story about a feminine boy who resists societal conditioning to be masculine.

Different for Girls (1996) A story of deep friendship.

To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar (1995) Drag queen road movie. Not very deep but who can resist watching Wesley Snipes and Patrick Swayze in drag!
Wigstock: The Movie (1995) Penetrating documentary into the lives of drag queens.

Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, The (1994) A classic road movie with non-classic travelers.

M. Butterfly (1993) An amazingly good film.

Crying Game, The (1992) Love among the trans-folk.
Just Like a Woman (1992) Realistic look at some of the personal problems experienced by transgenders.
Orlando (1992) A rather boring movie IMHO, but main character experiences life from both sides and is therefore notable.
Prelude to a Kiss (1992) Another movie where people experience life from both sides, but this one is fun, sensitive, and romantic.

Switch (1991) A remake of Goodbye Charlie. Very funny.

I Want What I Want (1972) A very early look at the subject of sex-change. Poor movie and completely unrealistic but interesting historically.

Myra Breckinridge (1970)  Main character changes her sex to exact revenge. Movie techniques are far ahead of their time.

Goodbye Charlie (1964)  Another died-and-sent-back-to-earth-fix-mistakes movie but with a twist: He's got to do it in a woman's body.

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spend some time with a beautiful transsexual in nyc.

Sunday Night Tranny Events

Monday Night Tranny Events
Mug Lounge – 446 E 13 St New York, NY 10009 Phone:646-746-1357

Tuesday Night Tranny Events
Fairy Tail Lounge – 500 W 48th St New York, NY 10036 Phone: 646-684-3897

Wednesday Night Tranny Events
Mug Lounge – 446 E 13 St New York, NY 10009 Phone:646-746-1357

Thursday Night Tranny Events
Secret Ultra Lounge 525 WEST 29TH ST., New York, NY Phone: 212-268-5580

Friday Night Tranny Events
Luchos Place – 3819 69th St Flushing, NY 11377 Phone: 718-424-9181
Tranny Strip – Evolve Lounge – 221 E 58th St New York, NY 10022 Phone: 212-355-3395

Saturday Night Tranny Events
Tranny Quest – Club Quest – 27 Park Pl New York, NY 10007 Phone: 212-267-5252

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nyc city list of clubs:


New York

9th Avenue Saloon - gay
656 9th Ave
New York NY, 10036
map | (212) 307-1503

Ajna (Thursday) - gay
25 Little W 12th St
New York NY, 10014

Albatross - gay
3619 24th Ave
New York NY, 11103
map | (718) 204-9045

Alphabet Sundays @ Arrow Bar - gay
85 Avenue A
New York NY, 10009
map | (212) 673-1775

Bamboo 52 - gay
344 W 52nd St
New York NY, 10019
map | (212) 315-2777

Bar-Tini - gay
642 10th Ave
New York NY, 10036
map | (917) 388-2897

Barracuda - gay
275 W 22nd St,
New York NY, 10011
map | (212) 645-8613

Barrage - gay
401 W 47th St
New York NY, 10036
map | (212) 586-9390

Beauty Bar - gay
231 E 14th St
New York NY, 10003

Bedlam Bar and Lounge - gay
40 Ave C
New York NY, 10009

Big Apple Ranch (Saturday) - gay
39 W 19th St
New York NY, 10011
map | (212) 358-5752

Boiler Room - gay
86 E 4th St
New York NY, 10003
map | (212) 254-7536

Boots and Saddle - gay
76 Christopher St, W Village
New York NY, 10014
map | (212) 929-9684


  • 742 9th Ave
    New York, NY 10019
    b/t 51st St & 50th St in Hell's Kitchen, Midtown West, Theater District

Boxers - gay
37 W 20th St
New York NY, 10011

Candle Bar - gay
309 Amsterdam Ave
New York NY, 10023
map | (212) 874-9155

Club 20 (Sunday) - gay
20 W 20 St
New York NY, 10011
map | (212) 633-0934

Club 39 - gay
301 W 39th St
New York NY, 1000
map | (212) 714-7000

Club 57 @ Providence (Saturday) - gay
311 W 57 St
New York NY, 10019
map | (917) 280-1453

Cock - gay
29 2nd Ave, East Village
New York NY, 10003
map | (212) 777-6254

Cubby Hole - lesbian
281 W 12th St
New York NY, 10014
map | (212) 243-9041

Duplex - gay
61 Christopher St, West Village
New York NY, 10014
map | (212) 255-5438

Eagle - gay
554 W 28th St
New York NY, 10001
map | (646) 473-1866

Easternbloc - gay
505 E 6th St, E Village
New York NY, 10009
map | (212) 777-2555

Elmo - gay
156 7th Ave
New York NY, 10011
map | (212) 337-8000

Escuelita - gay
301 W 39th St
New York NY, 10018
map | (212) 631-0588

EvoLve - gay
221 E 58th St
New York NY, 10022
map | (212) 355-3395

Excelsior - gay
390 5th Ave, Park Slope
New York NY, 11215
map | (718) 832-1599

Flaming Saddles Saloon - gay
793 9th Avenue
New York NY, 10019
map | (212) 713-0481

G Lounge - gay
225 W 19th St, Chelsea
New York NY, 10011

Gym Sports Bar - gay
167 8th Ave
New York NY, 10011
map | (212) 337-2439

Hangar - gay
115 Christopher St, W Village
New York NY, 10014
map | (212) 627-2044

Heaven - gay
579 6th Ave, Chelsea
New York NY, 10011
map | (212) 243-6100

Henrietta Hudson - lesbian
438 Hudson St
New York NY, 10014
map | (212) 924-3347

HK Hell's Kitchen - gay
523 9 Ave
New York NY, 10018
map | (212) 913-9092

Industry - gay
355 W 52nd St
New York NY, 10019
map | (646) 476-2747

Julius' - gay
159 W 10th St
New York NY, 10014
map | (212) 243-1928

Langston's - gay
1073 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn
New York NY, 11238
map | (718) 622-5183

Le Boy - gay
104 Dyckman St
New York NY, 10040
map | (646) 692-4630

Lips - gay
2 Bank St
New York NY, 10014
map | (212) 675-7710

Lucky Chengs - gay
24 1st Ave, East Village
New York NY, 10009
map | (212) 995-5500

Marie's Crisis - gay
59 Grove St
New York NY, 10014
map | (212) 243-9323

Monster - gay
80 Grove St, Sheridan Square
New York NY, 10014
map | (212) 924-3558

No Parking - gay
4168 Broadway
New York NY, 10033
map | (212) 923-8700

Nowhere - gay
322 E 14th St
New York NY, 10003
map | (212) 477-4744

Phoenix - gay
447 E 13th St, East Village
New York NY, 10009
map | (212) 477-9979

Pieces - gay
8 Christopher St
New York NY, 10014
map | (212) 929-9291

Posh - gay
405 W 51st St
New York NY, 10011
map | (212) 957-2222

Rawhide - gay
212 8th Ave, Chelsea
New York NY, 10011
map | (212) 242-9332

RF Lounge - lesbian
531 Hudson St
New York NY, 10014
map | (917) 262-0838

Rock Bar - gay
185 Christopher St
New York NY, 10014

Rockit Fridays @ Crimson - gay
915 Broadway
New York NY, 10010
map | (212) 505-2192

Rooftop Pool and Social Club @ Gansevoort (Sunday) - gay
18 9th Ave
New York NY, 10014
map | (212) 206-6700

The Ritz - gay
369 W 46th St
New York NY, 10019
map | (212) 333-2554

Secrets - gay
525 W 29th St
New York NY, 10001
map | (212) 268-5580

Secrets - gay
1321 Avenue Z
New York NY, 11235
map | (718) 368-9547

Shark @ Dream (Sunday) - gay
355 W 16th St
New York NY, 10011
map | (212) 229-2559

Splash - gay
50 W 17th St, Chelsea
New York NY, 10011
map | (212) 691-0073

Stonewall - gay
53 Christopher St
New York NY, 10014
map | (212) 488-2705

Suite - gay
992 Amsterdam Ave
New York NY, 10025
map | (212) 222-4600

Therapy - gay
348 W 52nd St
New York NY, 10019
map | (212) 397-1700

Tool Box - gay
1748 2nd Ave
New York NY, 10128

Townhouse - gay
236 E 58th St
New York NY, 10022
map | (212) 754-4649

Ty's - gay
114 Christopher St
New York NY, 10014
map | (212) 741-9641

UC Lounge - gay
87 Ludlow St
New York NY, 10002
map | (212) 677-1100

Uncle Charlie's - gay
139 E 45th St
New York NY, 10017
map | (646) 476-9532

Urge - gay
31 2nd Ave, East Village
New York NY, 10003
map | (212) 533-5757

Vlada Lounge - gay
331 W 51st St
New York NY, 10019
map | (212) 974-8030

Web - gay
40 E 58th St
New York NY, 10022
map | (212) 308-1546

XES Lounge - gay
157 W 24th St, Chelsea
New York NY, 10011
map | (212) 604-0212

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Here is the list of forthcoming events taking place in the next month or two in the Tri-State area for the benefit of all our local recipients. Whilst we cannot be held responsible for any listings we publish in terms of accuracy of information or quality of the eventual event we will only publish details of events where we know the organizers or existing customers know the organizers and have visited the establishment.

With the end of the year beckoning there are some fabulous tri-state events taking place over the festive season starting with the annual Fetish Party at Amanda's Hideaway on November 29th. And don't forget the big one on New Year's Eve: Tiffany Leigh and friends will be celebrating as usual at Triangles in Danbury, CT (Wednesday 12/31).

As well as Amanda's in South Hackensack, other venues we can vouch for include Triangles in Danbury, CT meeting every month and probably the largest regular meeting place of all.

Up-coming Highlights:

- Amandas Hideaway, S. Hackensack Fetish Party, Saturday, November 29th

- Triangles, Danbury, CT A Tribute to Bettie Page + 9th Annual Anniversary Party, Saturday, December 13th

- Triangles, Danbury, CT New Year's Eve at Triangles, Wednesday, December 31st

If you are in the Big Apple there is Crossdressers International that have a fantastic array of activities and facilities in a great NYC location. Travel a little further over the NJ/PA border and there are the wonderful Jennifer Bryant parties at The Raven in New Hope, PA. Keep reporting back and we'll add to the list of your recommended places to be seen. There are of course many smaller support groups for tri-state girls like Pathways with social activities and clubs that have theme nights. If you know of them in advance then do let us know so we can post details up here if they are recommended.


Amanda’s Hideaway

Amanda’s Hideaway themed parties go from strength to strength with bigger and bigger numbers. Take a trip to Amanda’s Hideaway in S. Hackensack for a safe evening amongst new friends. There are changing facilities available on the premises and you can drive up to the front door. Ideal for regulars and first-timers alike. Book a room at the hotel next door that way you just walk right in. Upcoming hi-lites include:

Join Miss Amanda Lay every Saturday Night @ 9 pm - till...

for North Jersey's ONLY weekly Transgender Party!

A fun atmosphere and a friendly mixed-crowd.


Saturday, November 29th 2014 - 9p.m. til late

Live DJ music with your Hostess, Miss Amanda

Changing/Dressing area available and Motels close by. Plenty of free and safe parking.

It is two blocks East of Teterboro Airport, along Rt 46. Take Phillips Ave turnoff, cross Rt 46, and go 1 block North on Phillips, take first left on Louis St. after the former Super 8 Motel, and the Lounge is 100 ft from corner.

Now open every Wednesday night too - from 9pm until late.

Bring friends, the more, the merrier!

Takes place every Saturday night from 9pm at:

PL Lounge

49 Louis Street

South Hackensack

NJ 07606

Admission $15 and changing facilities available.

New Rochelle, NY CD/TG Party every Friday before Triangles

For those girls lucky enough and energetic enough(!) to be able to get out on a Friday and Saturday night there is now somewhere new to visit in the Tri-State. Every Friday night prior to the regular monthly Triangles party on the Saturday there will be a CD/TG party event at Barbour Studios in New Rochelle, NY. Next Party:

Next Date to be announced.

Barbour Studios, 2 Division Street, Studio 207, New Rochelle, NY 10801

Admission: $30 and features: Cash Bar, Signature Cocktails, Finger Food, Photo Op with Pro Photographer and professional security.

Give it a try - early reports are favorable.


Le Femme Finishing School up-coming Events, Piscataway, NJ.

Lady Ellen and Kyla organize monthly social events for the cross-dressing and transgender community as an alternative to the gay bar scene. 'Our neighborhood is safe and our home is private plus ample free parking is available. The girls that attend our parties are always pleasant, friendly and very accepting of new comers.'

RSVP and details of location for any of these events at

No Upcoming Events for November/December

Go to their MeetUp page to see full details of location and the great feedback for these events and see what you may be missing out on

Remember to RSVP for all the above Le Femme Finishing School organized events at



The biggest regular event for the transgendered community in the United States held at Triangles Café, a really well-run bar/dance club in Danbury, CT. Now celebrating its 6th year for monthly parties. We strongly suggest you keep checking out the Yahoo Groups for Friends of Triangles as some of the dates have been changed recently.

Tiffany Leigh hosts THIRTEEN parties, one per month (plus a BONUS party) this year!

SATURDAY, December 13th

Bettie Page Tribute + 9th Anniversary Party

As always, dress codes at the parties are *suggested* only. But every month many girls dress the theme so you won't feel left out if you join in!

The BIGGEST and FRIENDLIEST TG-PARTY in the United States is now in its 7TH YEAR! First-timer friendly with crowds of 80-100 TG's every month! Whether it's your first time to Triangles, or first time en femme anywhere - this is the PERFECT place for your coming out party!

Parties are OPEN TO ALL; even if not a member you are welcome! The party EVERYONE talks about! Triangles Cafe is a fantastic bar/dance club in Danbury, CT. Only 1 HOUR north of NYC and 2 hours south of Albany, it's affordable and easy to reach for your Girl's Night Out.

For further details go to:




  Crossdressers International

For New York girls we have received glowing reports about the wonderful events put on by CDI - they also offer storage facilities in a fantastic location.

CDI meets each Wednesday of the month from 6 PM to approximately 9:30 PM as an open house.

First time attendees are welcome free of charge.

Member rates are $10.00 and non member rate is $15.00

It's summertime and so now is the time to join and be part of their wonderful 'al fresco' rooftop BBQ's !

You are welcome to come dressed or change at the apartment.

Finger Food/Dinners will start around 7:30 PM.

For details of the group and forthcoming events make contact via their website at:


New Jersey Support Groups The following is a list of Local Transgender Support Groups and other organizations that may be of interest to our Tri-State (and even further) girls. If you are a little nervous about approaching one of these groups then please contact us at as we know folk that can be contacted who will tell you if it’s right for you and what to expect.

Sigma Nu Rho Chapter of Tri-Ess (Central New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania)

Pathways (Northern New Jersey and Southern New York)

Renaissance (New York)

Renaissance (Delaware)

Renaissance (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

The Pride Center of New Jeresy (GLBTI)

Out in Jersey Magazine

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the sex parties of nyc;
 stop by here for the basics:



than go have some fun:





New York City’s NEW monthly sex-positive gathering for the entire community!



Attention Rebels, Deviants, Perverts, and Radicals...

This gathering is for people on the fringe who are rebelling social norms and sex-negative cultural messages... regardless of sexual orientation, identity, behavior, or relationship style. 


Uniting the LGBTPQ, FABGLITTER, and other sex-positive communities, Prohibition is about commUNITY! solidarity! Queer or straight, trans or cisgendered, kinky or vanilla, poly or mono, or anything in between… come be among friends!


Prohibition is for ALL kinksters and sex-positive folk to gather regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, age, relationship paradigms, lifestyle preferences, etc.


Come join us for an evening of drinks among community in this authentic NYC speakeasy! 


Every 3rd Tuesday at Prohibition  

530 Columbus Avenue (B/C and 1 trains)  

7:30pm - 12ish  

This event is FREE!


Who should come??

Kinksters, Fetishists, Riggers, Rope Bunnies, Masters, slaves, Doms, subs, Poly and poly-curious, swingers, sluts, tantrikas, sensualists, queers, straight folk, leather folk, LGBTQI, FABGLITTER, FABQUILT, and beyond... 

I'm sorry, but you must be 21+ to attend.



Aiden Fyre

For more information, please contact Aiden by email at



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New Midtown Luxury Tower's Neighbor: Secret Swingers Club!


The area around the Empire State Building is no crown jewel of a neighborhood, but the developers of the new Setai Fifth Avenue condo and hotel have said their tower will single-handedly improve the region's character. We're guessing that will be accomplished through the building's astronomical asking prices and luxury amenities like an ice cave, but before the neighborhood becomes the new Central Park West, let's take a moment to salute those endangered local establishments?like the Carousel Couples Club, the secretish swingers club with events like Porn Star Fridays and Cougar Mondays. Does the Setai really want to cage these cougars?

Writes a tipster, "I wonder if the concierge at the Setai Midtown knows they are conveniently located next to a swinger's club. The Carousel Swinger's Club is located at 11 W 36th Street, buzzer #4, just a few doors around the corner from the Setai." Are you kidding? The Setai's spa practically sounds like a swingers club itself! We wouldn't be surprised if the concierge points residents the Carousel's way. The club's website states its location as "two blocks from the Empire State Building," but the specific address is found elsewhere on the web. Like the Setai, the Carousel also has an impressive list of amenities:

It's no ice cave, but at least the accommodations are a heck of a lot cheaper.
· Carousel Couples Club [Official Site]
· Setai Fifth Avenue [Curbed]
· Setai Fifth Avenue [Official Site]Lounge Area, Free Setup Soda Area, Professional music system, Ladies Changing Room, Voyeurs Area, See-through Exhibitionist’s Room, Couples Dark & Intimate “Conversation Rooms,†Clean rest rooms and shower. A freshly laundered towel and personal item locker is provided upon request.

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Here are some transgender friendly clubs in the garden state:



101 Asbury Avenue

Asbury Park, NJ 07712



Club Feathers

77 Kinderkamack Road

River Edge, New Jersey 07661



The Den

700 Hamilton Street

Somerset, NJ 08873


For other parts of New Jersey use the yellow pages dammit!

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