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  1. @iamdalowereast Don’t forget that at an Airport it’s somehow somewhere always before Noon, 24/7 acceptability applies.

  2. @robbohuyton Delusional to the extreme

  3. Came from across the world for this @PaulSenior1 @RobGutmann @motelbar #lfc https://t.co/0U7yGQJGuv

  4. @ARosensteinDPT I'm here too, where you at!

  5. One of life's low key pleasures is correctly picking the exact size of Tupperware container you need for your leftovers.

  6. RT @GEAUX_LEARN: Georgia coach went full matrix. I am impressed. #UGAvsGT https://t.co/beyjZbqPGO

  7. @Andrew_Heaton #withAndy holding your club to higher standards at home is nothing to apologize over. Up the reds

  8. Disappointing experience with the temporary @united club here at @EWRairport. No hot water and no coffee and it's not even 8am...

  9. @TimbersFC @LFCLegacy @TheAnfieldWrap

  10. @jagdesh Not Keita mate

  11. @divygoel I like WTC a lot but it's on Binance, I'm only on Trex

  12. @FatihSK87 Back of my boarding pass... https://t.co/pFBgTM54ni

  13. @RobGutmann You really think the two are correlated? Why couldn't FSG see Coutinho retention as icing on cake of summer signings?

  14. @gurkab Is it bad that we hear that so often nowadays?

  15. @Knox_Harrington @slingsbysocial How much are you worth in Bitcoin?