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  1. @AlexxxisAllure As if your butt wasn't perfect enough.

  2. Looks like I'll be missing wrestling class again. Not too happy about it.

  3. @AsheKink If I'm correct, it's from the first Blade movie.

  4. @solomonster Cool. We're done by 7:00 anyways. Looking forward to the HIAC review.

  5. @tokimandee You have to come to Toronto some time soon, for some conventions. You can even hang out with me.

  6. @tokimandee Bottomless selfies eh? I think I have enough time for that.

  7. I don't wanna be me - Type O Negative #shoutatthedevil

  8. @solomonster my boy Tomer Shalome was the local enhancment talent, wrestling Jason Jordan. He's got a bit of a following here.

  9. @MiaYim I think a blanket fort is in order.

  10. I entered to win some great @fanexpocanada prizing, including a meet n greet with Tim Curry! https://t.co/hAu9BgkBHu https://t.co/RrZi4sz9tA

  11. @MiaYim Well, don't you look adorable.

  12. @TTCnotices learn to get your nonsense together, and stop doing ttc closures on busy weekends.

  13. @MiaYim good luck, in the Mae Young Classic. I'm sure you will steal the show.

  14. @MiaYimCom @MiaYim Happy Treasonous day, you peasant! ;p

  15. @solomonster so, when are getting that "No Time For Pants" shirt?