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  1. @solomonster after listening to that intro, I gotta ask. Are you also available for Weddings, Birthdays, and Bar Mitzvahs?

  2. @CMPunk what do you think the Hawks need to do this offseason, to be better in the playoffs next year?

  3. @solomonster all of the kids that were in my section at mania, was booing Reigns, and cheering Cena. Just wanted you to know that.

  4. @solomonster thanks for doing the meetup. I got to make some great new friends while there. Here's a pic from Raw l… https://t.co/1e56Rq0v3F

  5. @solomonster I'm so excited, I'm gunna see my Jays take on the Rays while I'm in town for Mania.

  6. @solomonster tweeted this to @WWE . I hope they consider making more. https://t.co/OPUzTALLSH

  7. @WWE https://t.co/2xEoe8Wu7k

  8. @facdaniels congrats on your world title win. Im happy to see, that your hard work has been rewarded.

  9. @DuplexityYT @solomonster the disapointment on that face is just priceless.

  10. @KWilliams1984 @WWEgames @2K i just resolved it. Try redownloading the dlc.

  11. @Spotify any chance of adding the Solomonster Sounds Off podcast?

  12. @solomonster Haven't watched breaking bad in a while. Wasn't sure if it was Walt laughing or not.

  13. @solomonster do you see Asuka dropping the title at Wrestlemania weekend, or around the anniversary of her debut?

  14. Hey @solomonster, I highly reccomend purchasing thus on bluray. Its considered the best zombie movie ever. https://t.co/82KsnErx8d

  15. Flair might be the #60minuteman but @IAmJericho is deffinately the #61minuteman #GOAT