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  1. I seriously need to start working on getting measurements done for wrestling gear.

  2. My ball hockey team took 1st place overall. After the game, I was rewarded a gift by the league… https://t.co/V5891FrTSj

  3. Just a reminder, that my facebook app, and messenger is not working on my phone at the moment. I cannot fix this, u… https://t.co/wA2s63kjnM

  4. @tokimandee I wish I had that. I thought I had it many years ago. I'd talk about it now, but I don't want to get into it on twitter.

  5. I'm on my third cup, probably gunna go on a fourth of this.… https://t.co/SVIUU6wyHd

  6. RT @LUCALUSH: social media can be depressing because it presents the illusion that all your peers are having the time of their life 24/7 &…

  7. Well, who am I to break a streak? 3 weeks in a row wearing a suit. #suitup #wrestlinglife… https://t.co/8WGDXyOLYH

  8. The Tea Party! https://t.co/LqHpaadfMg

  9. @solomonster how long do you think it will take, before your cesaro/lesnar idea becomes "dirtsheet rumours"?

  10. So, I ended up moshing with two of the owners of bolts plus at the christmas party. You know you are naturally over when...

  11. Black Friday shoppers be like: https://t.co/0GdI9C5fIX #nihilism #misanthropy #blackfriday #idiocy #thintheherd #bringthepain

  12. @tokimandee Are you ever gunna come to toronto, for anime north or fan expo?

  13. @tokimandee Happy to hear that. You are so damn adorable, everytime you post something.

  14. I've been doing weight traing for a better part of 3 months now. I started out weighing at 240.… https://t.co/tTSTabqHCF

  15. @solomonster sucks to hear about the infection. Get well soon.