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    South jersey real close to Atlantic City
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    Music, food, soft thighs, smooth ass's, conversation and for some reason I have a fantasy with transgender. It I'm a virgin and want to loose it so bad but I can wait for the one that's gonna be lasting and memorable for a life long lasting good funny memory

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  1. Who's the girl in your pic with you,... 3 some??

  2. the gif box

    I need help guys, I'm to picky and I want this lol help hook me up with some one cite please just to talk to at first
  3. TS Asia

    I would love a relationship with a woman like this,... that's what I'm here for to talk and get to know woman and see if we're compatable
  4. The most active members, NYC and NJ

    Lets talk about anything and I mean anything New York and jerseys sexiest funniest and most talkative people talk about everything including there love lives, experiences and fantasies
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    I would fly out to you if I had a round trip ticket
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    I'm handsome as cookie,... what's up
  7. Anyone in ct

    Hey sexy
  8. crossdressing beauties

    I just want anything as sexy as this
  9. crossdressing beauties

    I wish there was more people to post there own pics up
  10. futanari girls

    Lady Luck I'm in love with you
  11. the vault of erotica

    Allstate luck what do you look like me and your mindset in point
  12. the gif box

    Omg I'm playing with my nice long clit right now with all these moving pics,... I want to try it so bad:(