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  1. @lowlifelala hey hit me back

  2. @lowlifelala is that really your cuzzin come on

  3. RT @ChappeIIeShow: Someone sign this dude

  4. @JimNorton watching ya special. so far excellent. and im jealous of ya aids loss. cough cough weight loss

  5. @oneshadowlove justice League unlimted . might be a better choice

  6. @oneshadowlove haaaaaaaa

  7. @christianxxx1 @miran_shemale @puretslinks i bet he got 1 for the vid and q for himself cause i would've

  8. @oneshadowlove we dont believe pic please lol

  9. @queennefertitty do porn stars count

  10. @oneshadowlove yea y

  11. @oneshadowlove good gawd . they rare

  12. RT @TenToesFlat: Problems Of Having a Daughter

  13. @Exoticatlts what was you watching lol on tv

  14. @KAYLA_KO where she at tho

  15. @KAYLA_KO my bday feb 17 ill be checkin your info lol