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  1. RT @Satisfies69: When you're freshening up to go see your crush.

  2. RT @KevinHart4real: Brace yourselves people! Laugh Out Loud Network is going live Thursday. Click this link now and sign of for free! htt…

  3. RT @roast_roasters: #cookieYou @asktheking @Shampooheavy #starinthemorning #Dashradio #xxl #Boondocks

  4. @roast_roasters @asktheking @Shampooheavy @troitorain @Team_Shampoo please tell me that's not pics of his real parent's

  5. RT @LoiterSquadPost: Throwback to when Tyler adopted Esmeralda

  6. @miran_shemale are u seeing fans

  7. @Exoticatlts why can't u be in nyc fn tease

  8. @lowlifelala I didn't kno u was holding

  9. @lowlifelala since when u takin it in the mouth nice

  10. RT @oneshadowlove: He murdered it RT @LILAFRIMANE never forget alicia keys’ background artist showed her ass up

  11. @mature4ebony is that Jasmine Webb pre breast implants

  12. @lowlifelala damn he wasn't playing with you

  13. @LoveShemale17 @sashastrokesxxx what kinda of remote is that I. ya hand

  14. RT @CauseWereGuys: What is going on here?!?!

  15. @Sidneystardance lose