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    In an effort to help your vixens community this forum is dedicated to reviews from our members pertaining to everything from websites, products, parties, dates etc. have a recommendation? Have a gripe? Than post it here. Think of it as our very own Yelp. Share your opinions and personal experiences. At the end of your review post a 1-5 star rating to help other members make better decisions for their entertainment needs.
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    this thread is strictly for crossdressing beauties by now you should know the difference between a transsexual and crossdresser. each brings there own brand of sexiness on different levels. here at hungvixens we strive to spread the love as well as our legs. these special girls work extra hard to mask the male aspects of their appearance working hard to show you another side of themselves.like superhero alter egos male by day girl by night. some do it part time, while some are taking the first steps toward being a full time woman. whatever the reasons are iam sure youll agree transgender girls are very special each and every one. so if you have a crossdresser that gets your balls tight post her sexy ass right here share the love. [img=http://40.media.tumblr.com/5d1e7eeaa9320b317c08e803e05104a5/tumblr_njbwqoognH1u7vjjgo1_500.jpg
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    SUNDAY SUNDAY PORN PORN SUNDAY EVERY SUNDAY NYC'S ONLY SUNDAY PARTY **** TRANSUNDAY **** at EVOLVE-- NYC ***** SUNDAY --9:00pm-4:00am--- Hostess: SUSI VILLA and Hostess/Mixologist Miss ANGELICA LACE... Door Vixen: LEGENDARY MISS DAISEY DO IT DJ: JORGE Sexy Dancers FABIOLA BLOND and PORN STAR Guest WITH THE HOTESS TGIRLS FROM THE PLANET SPONSORED by EROS.COM ALL THINGS EROTIC www.tsnightlife.com, http://hungvixens.com PARTY HOTLINE 347-778-1262 Evolve Lounge 221 E. 58th btw 2nd & 3rd Aves Midtown East/NY
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